How to Increase Your Artificial Turf Lifespan


The artificial turf for your artificial lawns, garden turf, pet areas, pathways and other areas should not only look good but should also last for longer. The longevity of artificial turf is always a concern to many people contemplating on buying. That's why many artificial turf companies will claim to have superior warranty over others to try and lure customers to purchase from them. It however doesn't need to be a biggie, there quite a number of ways you can increase its lifespan. The issue has mainly to do with improper care and maintenance. The following is how to increase your artificial turf lifespan.


Be considerate of the equipment you use

It is crucial to select the right equipment for use on your artificial grass surface as wrong equipment choice can prove to be counterproductive or even cause damage. Some of the recommended equipment includes a rake, a broom, a hose and a leaf blower if needed.


Avoid corrosive chemicals

Harsh cleaners among other things need to be kept away from your artificial turf. Things like dead bugs, animal feces, leaves and other organic materials should also be kept away. Otherwise they may break down and release some corrosive chemicals.


Buy from the best

You can never overlook the possibility of your artificial turf not lasting long because of its original poor quality. You need to carefully evaluate the company you are buying it from to make sure you are always buying the best artificial turf.


Remove the stains

Stains are also another thing you need to rid your artificial turf of if you are to increase it lifetime. In a much as artificial turf doesn't get stained easily, it is advisable you deal with the stains as soon as possible. There are some stains like fruit juices, blood, alcohol, dyes and coffee which are usually tougher to remove. In that instance you need to use a mixture of water and detergent.


Carefully remove the weeds

From time to time some weeds may poke out of your artificial turf. Most recommendable is to remove the weeds by hand rather than applying weed killers which might end up damaging the artificial turf. Where you must use weed killers use the mild ones. They are less harmful.


Don't smoke or cook on your artificial turf

Smoking or cooking on your artificial turf may cause some burns on it. It is better to prevent it by avoiding doing that all together. You eliminate the need of having to replace your turf from time to time.


The lifespan of an artificial turf as you can see has more to do with how you maintain it. The synthetic grass cost can be quite expensive to have to buy new turf from time from time because the doesn't last.